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One of the strongest trends in this rapidly evolving technology is the rapid increase in the use of contract workers in organizations around the world. Continuously with growing technological advances : Globalization is likely to have a remote development team that can easily work on projects together.

In the IT job market, staffing is a new word as more and more businesses move from in-house development to telecommuting. In addition, the most widely used tool for an IT company is to add IT staff to help them stay flexible in a rapidly changing technology environment. This flexible outsourcing strategy allows businesses to tap into global IT talent and lead an extended team.

Hiring professional և experienced IT talent has always been difficult for IT companies to retain employees after training. It helps businesses get ready for projects, even if their internal development team does not have enough experience, time or required management skills.

For specific tasks or short-term projects, companies can expand their internal team rather than outsource the entire project. However, hiring vendors provide talent to manage a certain part of your project, while outsourcing manages the whole process. This is the main thing the difference between outsourcing and staffing.

In this post we will learn in detail what exactly it means to increase the IT staff, what are its advantages, disadvantages and types of staff increase. So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is the increase in IT staff?

Staffing is a powerful platform that allows businesses to expand their team based on a specific project analysis of short-term skills shortages.

It can be said that it is an outsourcing model used by businesses to complete some part of a project that their in-house team cannot carry out due to lack of skills and experience.

Outsourcing a program has some similarities, but it also has some major differences. The main difference between the two approaches is that with outsourcing you buy in advance, with a specific outcome; you share the risks with the outsourcing provider. By adding staff, you are investing in engineering tools ուրս resources և while still maintaining control of your development team.

In short, hiring IT staff is an outsourcing approach that allows businesses to hire skilled tech resources on a temporary basis to cover the short-term or long-term needs of your team.

Expanding your internal development team with specialized skill sets allows businesses to complete projects on time. In short, it can be said that it is a great platform to start.

3 types of staff increase

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1. Product

You are required to have reliable developers to perform the tasks, but no special skills or knowledge is required. The work is based on the operation of the main warehouse or factory work, retail, events, handicrafts.

2. Skills based

Completing the task requires several skills, such as: you need to be familiar with the spreadsheet, learn how to type, or perform basic actions with some skills. The work is related to data processing, clerical tasks, basic copywriting և copying.

3. Highly skilled

You need advanced skills, experience: training to perform tasks such as brand design, software engineering և contract law.

After looking at staffing types, let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring an IT staffing team for your project.

What are the benefits of increasing IT staff?

What is the increase in IT staff 2?

1. Access to the Greater Talent Pool

For IT companies, staffing means accessing a talented, experienced team of short-term or long-term professionals.

It also allows you to hire more employees who have extensive skills training, which brings many benefits to the floor.

In addition, it allows businesses to connect with experienced professionals for permanent roles to benefit from their experience.

2. High productivity level

With the addition of staff, Developers’ productivity increases because they focus on only one project at a time, as opposed to an outsourcing team that manages more than one project at a time.

Working on a project, following the client’s visions, meeting their requirements means a higher level of motivation and commitment.

3. Maintain control over existing team members

Another great advantage of expanding your internal team rather than outsourcing the entire project is that they are able to maintain control over your existing staff.

Because when you outsource your project, you are handing over your product to a third party vendor who is a complete stranger to you. However, with the addition of IT staff, you can choose a reliable team with experience և experience in different technology trends և technologies.

Instead of outsourcing your project, adding IT staff helps your business avoid geographically based problems.

4. Scale

Adding staff is the perfect solution for your project to meet your basic flexible design requirements և an ideal platform for companies that are constantly changing demand.

You can choose to increase the IT staff when your internal team is faced with certain problems, which, according to him, are beyond depth, that they can not cope with such complex problems.

They help to achieve such standards և to overcome these complex problems in the shortest possible time.

5. Cost effective solution

Staffing services are a cost-effective solution for businesses that allow them to use a specific set of skills needed for their project.

You hire specialists for a specific project, so the business does not have to invest a lot of money to get the desired results.

End! These were the main benefits of staffing. Now let’s discuss its shortcomings.

What are the disadvantages of increasing IT staff?

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1. Control և management

Your existing team թիմ needs a team to expand resources, and resources require leadership և management, which includes temporary staff who are counted on staffing.

2. High cost of long-term work

In case of increase of staff, the placement organization organizes payments, և talent is well paid. Thus, contractors can be more expensive compared to permanent staff doing the same job.

3. Attract external talent

If you plan to add staff, it’s less time consuming համեմատ compared to hiring permanent staff, but it does exist և some levels are also involved.


So that’s it. As you can see, the IT staffing model is a great approach if done right. This is an effective way for businesses to meet challenges և access highly qualified talent who is able to solve complex problems in the shortest possible time.

Recruit new talent for your project շատ A lot of time և effort is not put into it. Instead, divert your thinking to good things in life, such as a long-term commitment to give your business a competitive edge.

They prefer to work on projects that require a range of their expertise, rather than working on traditional jobs. Therefore, staffing is the best և most effective solution that provides an effective pipeline for business talent.

Also, you will be surprised to learn that this is a widely used և powerful model that businesses prefer to use for their projects: leverage to improve mobility ելու to respond to changing company requirements. The use of staffing increases for roles ranging from HR և finance և to R&D operations.


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