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Happy Monday guys !! I wanted to get back to the momentum of putting my everyday look here, so I decided to start posting my weekly outfit for last week. If you want links a little faster, I always try to add my LTK: so you can shop right there, but I’ll make them here – size, what I like – any other information to try to answer any questions your boys may have. Last week was a fun combination of leisure wear, so it’s a real mix of some of my favorite pieces lately, from mini skirts to sweatshirts. 💕:


This is an amazing trick for Free People sweaters. I have it in several colors և it has become one of my favorites for relaxing at home, picking up extra layers for cold nights on the beach or just layering all spring long. I added a ton because I like it too much, but I got some DMs that said it’s too much for some of you when you weighed that much. loose.


I got this sweat in several colors. You can see the bottom in size M, so they are not as transparent as these grays. I really like their outline. they are very high, so I like how they are on the thighs. And, of course, you can not beat the level of comfort of a friend’s sweat. 🙂:

SMILE slippers – CLOTHING SIZE 8.5

I mostly live in slippers around the house, so my collection of slippers may be a little above average 🙃 but they are one of life’s simple pleasures և I do not think I will ever give up. These come in 8 colors and are under $ 20. If you’re in the middle of nowhere, I would always suggest increasing the size, especially for all soft, artificial fur, etc.

CUT TANK (Wearing Size M)

This tank has a built-in bracket, so it makes it very easy to wear.

BLACK JOGS (Wearing Size M)

These are the same sweat as above, but a little smaller. An extremely easy combination to run when you do not want to be fully prepared for the day.



If you do not have them yet, I do not know what to tell you. they are like walking in the air. Everyone I know who has a pair says that they are the most comfortable sandals they have. As a warning, however, they are like a kind of addictive snack, because when a couple sits down, you keep deciding that you need more colors. 😂:


Do you like the color of this hat? Great atmosphere like the 90s too.

Chain Necklace (Less than $ 15) և PRINCIPAL NECK (Less than $ 15)

I have worn this combination of necklaces more than any other necklace. They are both under $ 15, I have worn them in bed, in the shower, on the beach, in the pool. I have never had any pollution or problems with them.


Loved the color of this satin shirt. This is a perfect way to bring spring colors to your wardrobe. The details on the shoulders are so good.

BLACK MINI skirt (Wear Small Size)

These mini skirts are back, aren’t they? Many ways to wear and combine them: sandals, shoes, sneakers, shovels, sweaters, tanks. The options are endless.

Shiny wallet (Less than $ 15)

After looking at the Cult Gaia version of this bag for a few months, I found this scam, decided to try it for just $ 15, and was even more surprised when I got it. It looks great եմ I love that transitional look for the night.


He is obsessed with everything about these sandals. How can you say… because և I wore them for 3 days in a row haha. They come in beautiful kelly green. Surprisingly comfortable too! What’s the only way I can wear them for 3 days in a row, let’s be real lol.


Loving all the creative shirt cuts right now, it enhances even the simplest, most neutral outfit.

CARGO TALIT TALIT (Dressed 26 Size)

I feel like cargo pants are giving a new lease of life to my spring wardrobe. I like how they look with ribbon sandals. it’s such a beautiful balance between masculine and feminine. And they are perfectly combined with beautiful shirts for spring, cropped tanks, even basic shovels. so many options without effort, regardless of your style.


CORSET TOP (Less than $ 30 – 2-4 Size)

This is the best shirt for spring. It looks great, so I could not believe it was less than $ 30. Comes in many colors, ս The corset outline is so flattering. Love! this is the wrong version (last seen here:).


These are actually men’s pants. I’ve dropped to 28 in new sizes (usually 25-26 for women). I liked the wide, wide load pants, they seemed to be the perfect way to get the same look for less.

BALLOON CARGO JEANS: (50% DISCOUNT! Dressed in 2 Sizes)

These jeans (last seen here) were sold for a minute, but I just checked this weekend when I got some questions about them և they are stocked: they are for sale at a 50% discount. Sizes go fast, but I found it for sale here also in larger sizes.


This is another theft of men’s clothes. I was looking for a big pink blazer ա I found this suit for less than $ 60 և I had to try it on. I also got it in green, I wore it a few times after receiving it. (I loved it this combination when summer comes.)

PEARL CUTTS (Less than $ 10)

ROSE DROP Earrings



I love this t-shirt. Comes in many colors. This brand is fast becoming one of my best offers for comfortable sweaters ավետ comfortable knitwear. They make some abbreviated zip-ups that I have recently shared: tons of beautiful silhouettes և great price points.

NEON YELLOW SHORT(Less than $ 25 – S Size)

These are probably the best fakes I’ve ever found for my FP Way Home shorts. I mostly lived in the FP version last summer. these are a little better priced են love all colors. How good is this neon? Super high waist ապես really comfortable.


I have been wearing Ultraboosts for years. They are the most comfortable sneakers for the gym or workout. She is obsessed with all the beautiful spring colors right now. I love this orange: pink combination.

NIKE sneakers

He’s got these beautiful Nike’s last week. Do you like the beautiful color palette? It seems to me that new sneakers are the best way to ensure that I will continue to go to the gym and work out.

I linked some of my favorites from last week here. Let me know if you guys have any questions about any of these parts.

XX, Christine

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