Whoever is patient wins

I have never attended Ranger School, the US Army’s nine weeks of pristine misery in the woods, mountains and swamps. But I know many who know, they have all said the same thing. Their instructions for small patrol tactics were insignificant compared to the lesson they had learned in perseverance. According to Ranger Creed.

It is a lesson that can be applied in the field of higher politics, now more than ever, when politicians, academics, experts start talking, but their voices will be raised to put pressure on Ukraine to accept further partition. Russia’s hands. It is pointless to make assumptions about the motives. What’s important is that, despite these voices, the moment demands intestinal endurance, to stand by the Ukrainian government և the people, to arm them to the teeth, to pressure them to defeat the Russian invaders.

From a purely geopolitical point of view, this war is of great importance. If Vladimir Putin wins his initial catastrophes, we can expect a shattered Europe that will thwart the troubled alliance that won the Cold War and made the world prosperous for more than half a century after World War II. Russia’s victory will encourage China to pay attention to its possibility conquering Taiwan պարտ Imposing his hegemony in East Asia. And this will lead the countries of the world to arm themselves with nuclear weapons, because they would know that in the end they are alone. And lonely, frightened countries with nuclear weapons can use them very well.

On the contrary, the benefits of Ukraine’s victory, defined at least as its return to the borders of February 23, its և strengthening of its independence և its abundant reconstruction aid, combined. Russia’s defeat, including the destruction of much of its land power և the disability of the economy, promises much. A completely free Europe, armed enough to relieve the United States of its burden of defense, would be a strategic contribution to American security. Such an outpouring of the strength of the West will find China sobering. Ukraine’s victory will encourage, if not guarantee, change in Russia, which has yet to come to terms with the loss of the empire, and is obviously still seeking to restore it.

Moral bets are equally high. The balance of right and wrong has been so distorted in several wars. Ukraine has become a victim of unjustified aggression. Russian behavior – deportations, massacres, rapes, tortures – have reached a level disgusting behavior Rarely seen after World War II. The result is the most powerful test that Western democracies have faced since 1938 in Munich.

One of the great lessons of military history is that perseverance is strong. Often it’s as important as strategy and skill, weapons and technology. Many intellectuals, some politicians, misunderstand this, overestimating the elegant ideas, the subtleties and arrogance of diplomacy. But when Winston Churchill said in 1940 that Britain was ready to fight “if necessary for years, if necessary alone”, he meant it. When Abraham Lincoln decided in 1860 that “the weight must come, it’s better now than later,” he meant it. In most of their domestic politics, both have been negotiators and compromisers. In their wars, with stakes, they understood better than anyone else, they had a different point of view. They realized that there was time to talk, just to put your head down, to fight as much as you could. Churchill would not have spoken to Hitler in 1940, ինք Lincoln would not have spoken to Jefferson Dee if he had accepted his extradition.

Both Churchill and Lincoln clashed with critics who argued that compromise was necessary. . Both persisted in failures, from Tobruk to Fredericksburg, from Singapore to Cold Harbor.

Something of this spirit is now required. It is expected that Ukraine will suffer defeats. that after masterfully working to hide his losses we will learn more from them is inevitable. that we will hear stories that are persistently spread by Russia և its supporters about Ukrainian inefficiency or inefficiency or corruption is unequivocal. To some extent, these stories will all be true. But the most important thing is to be persistent.

During war we often think about our own weaknesses, we are terrified of the enemy, which seems to be impenetrable to losses. After the war, when historians study the records, they always know that both sides have been subjected to the same psychological and emotional pressures. Thus, war is a matter of relative stress և reduction.

The great theorist of war Carl von Clausitz once noticed: “More than anywhere else in a war, things do not turn out the way we expect.”

They do not see nearby as they did from afar. How confidently the architect sees the progress of his work, sees that his plans are gradually being formed. Պատերազմ Unlike during the war, the general is constantly bombarded with both true and false reports. with mistakes due to fear or negligence or urgency. Right or wrong interpretations, bad will, proper or wrong sense of duty, laziness or disobedience. և Accidents that no one could have predicted.

Today we are all like the generals of the early 19th century described by Clausitz. are bombarded with false impressions and fantastic fears arising from fragmentary information. On the maps that are updated daily on social networks, we can see videos of the explosion of ammunition, the burning of cities, as well as the movement of troops. The event, however, remains the same, as does the means. «Persistence “There is a significant counterbalance in the chosen path, provided that the opposite does not interfere with any convincing reason,” Klausitz concluded. “It is perseverance that deserves the admiration of the world և generations.”

It is like that now. With large-scale armaments, a sense of urgency from rich liberal democracies, logistical and training management assistance, and intelligence provided by dozens of highly competent Western agencies, Ukrainians fighting for their homeland will defeat Russia. Those who deny this possibility must explain why Israel could have defeated the invading Arab armies in 1948, or why the Vietnamese Communists could have defeated France and then the United States.

There is ample evidence of Russian weakness, including the physical weakness of its leader, the soldiers’ refusal to fight, the killing of its soldiers by officers, and, conversely, the courageous, if limited, outbursts of internal dissent. In the coming months (indeed, years), Russia will feel the effects of the flight abroad of hundreds of thousands of its best educated, most productive citizens, its isolation from Western technology, the skills on which its economy depends, and its gradual decline. from the sale of its most important currency resource, oil. There is evidence if only one person cares to see it.

It exists in the context of smart politics, subtle diplomacy, prudent proposals and subtle compromises. This is not it. Instead, it is up to the liberal democracies to support a country that fights for all those who share its values. in spite of everything and everything, in spite of everything, as the old German poem says. If the West does that, it will help win a victory that is essential to its own security, not just the freedom of Ukraine.

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