Why are men’s clothes so boring… And why is that a good thing?

If you pay the slightest attention to men’s fashion in popular American culture, you will notice a lot of buzz around the more trendy styles.

There are correspondences as of this writing extra free և baggy. The styles themselves are more vibrant, more avant-garde, with interesting (և strange) proportions և silhouettes.

I personally do not dress very stylishly, trendy. And if you’re reading Fortless Gent with some regularity, I’m sure you’re not reading either.

So today I bring that argument “Boring” clothes are the best. Classic, more traditional silhouettes, shapes և compliance are what you should strive for.

And I will tell you why.

Why wear boring clothes?

First I have to clarify. There is nothing wrong with trendy or fashionable clothes. It’s not “good” or “bad”. Fashion trends (մարդիկ the people who wear them) make the style interesting. I participate, I have fun with some people, I ignore those who do not work for me.

Being “fashionable” or “trendy” is not a power switch (ie, “I’m just a classic” or “I’m just trendy”), it ‘s more like a slider or a volume button. You can turn on the collector as much or as little as you want.

But this article is not about fashion trends. It is, in fact, the opposite. Why wear boring clothes?

What exactly is “boring” clothing? Եւ Why do I recommend it so much?

Let’s talk about the details.

1. Boring clothes = Wardrobe of a good foundation

Having a “boring” wardrobe with classic styles, basic pieces, the most basic menswear accessories … A slim wardrobe, as we call it here at EG, is a great foundation for building. Or, you can only have a lean wardrobe լինել be perfectly fine.

When you have a basic cut-out of classic cut-outs, you extend the fit of your wardrobe. A good example of this is the Levi’s 501 jean. It became popular, what, in the 1950s? And it is still very relevant today.

It is always a good idea to cling to the classics of your main wardrobe if your goal is to have a wardrobe that you can wear today և in a decade.

2. Boring clothes are appropriate where you go

With a slim wardrobe և smart casual style you can go anywhere չ not feel out of place. If you go for a walk, buy groceries, meet friends for lunch, or go to the office (at least most offices today), no one will look at your outfit.

A man in a tanned leather jacket

And that’s a good thing. In those situations, you do not always want to stand out. But if there is a time when you want to make a little peacock, you can. Having a good foundation (see # 1) allows it.

3. Boring clothes look great on boys of all ages

Sharp pair of straight leg jeans և OCBD shirt It looks just as good for a college student as it does for a 65-year-old man. That’s because they are classics that have been around forever.

There are no fashionable styles that age well. One, because trends move very fast, և two, most of the experimental look is for young people.

14 items և outfit ideas for college wardrobe

Something Justin Bieber will probably not look great on your grandfather (if you do not) Streetwear Gramps:).

But with dull clothes, you do not have to worry about that.

As a young boy, having a boring basic wardrobe allows you to experiment with freedom with more fashionable pieces. Just layer them with your standard items, you will not completely deviate from your trends. It’s easy to do.

man with a beard in a brown jacket և fedora in a dark green jacket տղամարդ with a man in brown boots

And as an older boy, you will not look outdated or out of style. You will have a classic aesthetic, modern և modern. Everyone will just think. “Man, that boy is so well dressed.”

4. Boring clothes are easy to wear and handle

A closet full of boring smart everyday clothes gives maximum versatility. Whether you are walking your dog or going to a cocktail party, you are will wear to have something appropriate.

If you have a wardrobe full of street clothes, or avant-garde clothes approved by Rick Owens or Justin Bieber, you have a limited number of places to wear these items.

It can be mentioned. I’m not telling you do not have to wear those styles or like those clothes. You և should. (If you want).

But if you go for a versatile, classic style, fill your wardrobe with clever casual, “boring” pieces of “pepper – more interesting” trendy items. That, incidentally, is the easiest way try new trends : Gradually get used to them without going into a trendy tragedy.

5. You can dress well, regardless of your budget

This is undoubtedly one of the most useful things in a lean wardrobe, in general, in “boring” clothes. When you paint in a clever everyday style արանում in a closet full of staples, you can find them regardless of your budget.

clothing net on a blue background

You can buy great looking products at Target if you have a budget. Or, you can go to Bergdorf Goodman for the best versions of these classics if you have no budget at all. There will always be “boring clothes” for your perfectly chosen, smart everyday skinny wardrobe, regardless of your budget.

If you want to be stylish, start with boring clothes

I have been running Efortless Gent for 12 years, և my philosophy is the same all this time. Thin wardrobe is the best.

Twelve years ago, this light-skinned, smart casual aesthetic was on the verge of being the most fashionable on the spectrum (thanks in part to shows like Mad Men. Stores like J.Crew). Nowadays, it is at a safer, less exciting end of the spectrum.

But that does not mean that boring style is “bad”. This does not mean that trying new trends or going to the more fashionable edges of the spectrum is also “bad” or “good”. It’s just is:. If you like it or think you like it… try!

If you want to dress more trendy, you can.

If you want to reassemble it և choose a classic smart everyday look, you can do the same.

However, having a wardrobe that mainly consists of “boring” clothes, versatile, classic pieces with a modern outline that fit your body well, allows you to have those options.

So do you agree that boring clothes are the best? Hit me inside Instagram DMs և Let me know what you think.

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