Why did Guardians of the Galaxy become the first cover of Disney World’s Epcot?

Starblaster ship Guardians of the Galaxy.  In front of Cosmic Rewind, EPCOT Earth spaceship in the background.:

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The opening is part of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World this summer Guardians of the Galaxy. space back. Inspired by the James Gunn’s helmet Guardians of the Galaxy movies – a part Marvel Cinematic Universe: privilege. These new attractions are the first story-driven route within Epcot. And fortunately, this is not an intense walk, you can not go back in history. It’s inspired by movies, but it gives Epcot a boost concepts, advertising itself as the first other: world pavilion in the park.

with: The wonders of Xandar, Disney Imagineering has found a clever way to immerse guests in MCU next to some of their favorite characters. Glenn Close, as Sandarian leader Nova Prime, repeats their film roles Guardians: stars Chris Pratt (Star-Lord), Zoe Saldana (Gamora), Dave Bautista (Drax), as well as Vin Diesel’s vocal talents as Grout և Bradley Cooper as Rocket. io9 was invited to preview the attraction before it opens on May 27 (see our queue խանութ gift shop gallery here:) և got a chance to talk about the walk with Imagineers Zach Riddley և Scot Drake, both of whom are leaders in the park ստեղծագործ creative portfolio of attractions.

Why Epcot? He needs something new Guardians of the Galaxy Adventure?

As part of EpcotThe ongoing reinterpretation of IP, the discovery of IP, which is still relevant to Walt Disney’s vision for the future, remains the same. Here it is Guardians of the Galaxy comes, in particular, through the connection that Peter Quill (Chris Pratt) connects with his memories of the Earth. “In our story, Peter Quill came to Epcot. “When he was a kid, before he was taken to the stars,” said Ridley, who heads Epcot.the current transformation of. “And so, after the events of the film, Ksandaryan said. “We want to create a showcase on Earth that will show the interrelationships of our cultures through this technology, which connects the formation of galaxies գաղափ the idea of ​​jumping points,” which is exactly what it is. we get experience. So Peter Quill said: “I have a perfect place.” Epcot:for he remembered it when he was a child.

As it stands now, the World Garden Showcase is a section where food and cultures from different countries are presented. Visitors can taste (or sip if they “drink around the world”) remote locations in one place. The wonders of Xandarparameter: Cosmic Rewind:, takes us further in the World Discovery area of ​​the park, where other space-themed attractions are presented. The turn of the tour is arranged as if it were the first world show that immerses you in science fiction elements. Guardians: films using Sandarian culture և techniques as they would be presented at Epcot. It opens on the presentation of the planetarium, which connects their world to our world, as it comes from the same cosmic dust.

History unfolds on the rays of the planet we see Guardians of the Galaxy vol. In: as a developed society with a sustainable life, a “circular” urban planning with models that are very reminiscent of Walt Disney City. In fact, it is written in history that the Xandaryans confirm that Disney was up to something to do with a clever eye. Throughout the pavilion you can see the inspiration from the park’s past, as the Quill experience of the 80s informed. “It simply came to our notice then that he remembered it as a child. And that’s a lot [which has] “It has changed,” Ridley said. “So we got some wonderful Easter eggs. People who knew Epcot will appreciate it, but it’s a whole new story that moves, that’s exciting. ”

As guests get deeper in the queue they find out more about the protectors and heroes of Xandar, basically a primer on the Nova Corps and Guardians’ team-up against Ronan the Accuser during the battle of Kree. There’s displays of the Corps ranking system and models of ships like the Milano from the first film, though they fly their second ship, the Benatar, on the ride. There’s even fun Good Morning Xandar news segments where Rocket, Star-Lord, Gamora, and Drax are interviewed—and you get that Gunn-style humorous banter to fill in guests on the story from the films.

Rocket and Groot stand in front of a cosmic display

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Why is Cosmic Rewind the first rollercoaster in Epcot at Walt Disney World?

When we reach the pre-show on a star charter above Earth before the ride, Nova Prime appears to do a technological cultural exchange with Xandar’s cosmic generator to help Terrans (people of Earth) advance their space travel through the network jump points used to move throughout the galaxy more quickly. You get the idea that this speed will come into play for the ride. For those who go to theme parks aiming to visit the worlds of fantasy within original or IP-based attractions, Cosmic Rewind does a better job at talking non-coaster folks (like me!) into leaving their comfort zones than, say, the drop tower of Mission Breakout (the West Coast Guardians ride). It’s a good gateway coaster for kids and adults who aren’t keen on that stomach-drop feeling, and was especially built with that in mind.

“I have kids, and I’ve been through all those situations as well. So I have some great stories of overcoming that fear and graduating to the next coaster or the next,” said Drake, who leads creative development on major film IP attractions at the park. “And I think that’s what we love at at Disney is this kind of rite of passage of all of our rides. You know, you graduate to the next step, you graduate to the next step. I think what’s fun about the approach taken on this attraction is we wanted to make sure that every fan of all ages, as young as possible, could experience this. But we still had to deliver on the thrill and fun of Guardians that you would expect.”

The story takes a turn when Eson the Searcher, a type of celestial referenced in the first film as having a penchant to “mow down entire civilizations,” crashes the tour and steals the cosmic generator. Hellbent on ensuring humanity never exists, Eson time-jumps back to the Big Bang in the vastness of space; the Guardians follow suit and (gulp) decide to bring us along for the ride. “Whereas some coasters may try to get thrill through inversions or top speeds, we went to story and looked at something that can put you right in the middle of the action: being chased by a villain that’s larger than a planet and right alongside the Guardians, you know, trying to reset time,” Drake explained.

The idea is that Rocket reprograms the star blaster escape shuttles—the ride vehicles which run on the park’s first omni-coaster track—and we join a chase through the jump point to keep track of Eson until the Guardians can grab the cosmic generator. The story plays out on massive screen projections; think Space Mountain: Ghost Galaxy but with cinematic action set pieces starring Rocket and friends. It’s pure spectacle that you see as the ride vehicle rotates on a smooth, thrilling track but never drops. The function is key to the experience, Drake explained. “I think that just adds to the anticipation, the thrill, the story, the fun, and puts you in the middle of it without having to be as physically hard on the body. It was an ambitious project from the very beginning, and that got taken through every part of our design. Our format asks that we deliver stories a different way. And for us the guest becomes a central figure in that story. So that’s a new paradigm.”

How involved were Disney Studios and the filmmakers behind the MCU?

The theme park cinematic universe is vast and can get tricky on the East Coast, but Marvel’s Kevin Feige and company were definitely involved in guiding Cosmic Rewind’s story. Drake revealed, “We have an incredible relationship and collaboration with the studios. Kevin Feige is a huge fan of the parks. Epcot is one of his favorites, if not his favorite park. So getting to work on this with him and recognizing that excitement, and putting everything that they’ve done to date in this amazing legacy of how they’ve built the Guardians franchise… to tell the next chapter of that story and getting to expand the universe is awesome.”

From queue to the end of the ride you know you’re in the universe from the mind of director James Gunn, and that’s because Disney Imagineers were on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 to film with the cast for this new attraction. “We try to go after what is, you know, essential to each one of these characters and what they stand for and how we would all react in any of these situations. And so that kind of is our driving force: what [do] These characters represent, “How do we communicate with them?” Drake said about collecting 75 minutes of original content that you will see throughout the attraction. Composer Tyler Bates also made more than two hours of original music.

Fans will recognize not only the well-laid Easter eggs, but also the crossroads of big movie moments, such as the Nova Corps stellar explosives, which join the formation of the same energy barrier network as they tried to stop the accuser Ronan. Dark Aster: warship during its invasion of Kri. Now that you are part of the story, it’s more successful, և you go down in experience when the staff calls you the Honorary Guardian of the Galaxy.. So while the tour does not have to cross the bridge into the expanding stages of the film, it does take you on your own adventure, as those like Drake thought. “The great thing about these stories is that they happen in our world. So, as soon as you step into this attraction, it opens today. So there is no schedule. We do not put you in the right place at the right time. It’s here և now. And you are right in the middle of the story. ”

And no, they’ve not forgotten a big part of the Guardians’ adventure.

What songs are there? Cosmic Rewind: Gorgeous Mix?

You must have Awesome Mix և run Cosmic Rewind: show one of his six unique mixtape songs. “Obviously, what James Gann did for the movies, the music choices he made in the franchise, were the main driving force behind everything we did. they listen. to, “said Drake. He shared that while Gunn was heavily involved, there was no time when Imagineering could choose a song from a future film. They had hundreds of songs to choose from because the narrowing of the mixtape led to the ability to ride. “We have a special application of music in our attractiveness, it should tell our past history and journey. [We] literally drove hundreds of songs to find that perfect mix for our park experience. So what you feel և flexibility whenever you drive is the result. ”

Random selection. you will not know what you will hear until the Guardians play, including “September”: Earth, Wind & Fire; “Disco Inferno” for wanderers; “Konga” by Gloria Estefan; “Everyone wants to rule the world” – Tears for Fears; Herd of seagulls “I ran”; լ Blondie’s “One Way or Another”. These are all songs that best fit the different movement profiles that change on each song (alas, history does not), it’s enough of a difference for fans to come back to drive each version. Those who are imagining hope that they will at least do it. “Touching something at Epcot means you have to come back with something incredible,[we] “It was necessary to make a whole new, innovative plate and then deliver it to the guards,” Drake said of the aspects Disney hopes to build on. Cosmic Rewind: for future attractions. “And I think this was ‘Imagineering’ at its best, meeting all those cylinders.”

And they do because I want to go back and get all the songs. I’m two out of six.

Guardians of the Galaxy. space back opens May 27 at Epcot At the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.

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