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Ah, modest G&T. There are some cocktails that are as simple and satisfying as the perfect combination of Gin and Tonic. We all fell in love with it the moment we mixed one for Nana և we drank a sip. Children, I suppose, will be children. But it turns out that G&T is a little older than Nana, about 300 years old.

The gin was discovered by British soldiers fighting alongside the Dutch during the 30-year war of the 1600s. Genever: (as the drink was called) was said to give the soldiers “Dutch courage” and quickly found its way to Great Britain. At the same time, quinine, the main ingredient in tonic water, has been shown to cure malaria. Probably did not stop the itching, just the dying part. British troops in colonial India discovered that the bark of this medicinal tree was “a bitter pill to swallow”, so they began mixing it with a portion of their daily gin and lime. At that time, lime was not so much an ornament as a necessity. to fight against the war. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today’s G&T has seen a huge breakthrough. This can be attributed to the fact that the Spaniards accepted it as their national drink about a decade ago, but still want to drink wine with fruit in it. The introduction of various ornaments to enhance the natural botanical properties of gin opened up endless possibilities for simple G&T. What we have is no longer our preferred Nana Summer Drink (always double BTW), but rather a flavored drink that can be customized all year round.

As winter began, we thought we’d share some Ginny և Tonic recipes we’ve put together for our friend. Craft alcohol traders մեկը One of our favorite HomeGrown gin, Inverroche:.

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Citrus sage

The combination of sage and orange in the kitchen is safe. These sweet-smelling appetizers are a perfect match, if they’s good enough for Jamie Oliver’s famous fried potatoes, you better believe they’ll hit your G&T. Both sage and orange have anti-aging properties, so in reality it is like drinking a sip from the fountain of youth.

We decided to keep this one a little simpler so that the botanicals of Inverroche Verdant really shine. Orange citrus notes go well with green lemon-like lemon peel, while sagebrush can be associated with their love for every bittersweet thing.

Start by adding one or two bitter drinks to a glass to add depth to the drink. for bitter cocktails is the same as salt and pepper for food. Now just pour your gin on the ice and add the tonic. Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Sprinkle with orange juice. Mix and serve. Bet, you already feel younger.

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Blueberries are a perfect fruit all year round, full of antioxidants, they almost guarantee the smell of winter, if combined with rosemary and honey. True, rosemary’s immune-boosting properties, along with powerful honey antioxidants, make this pink G&T almost against this seasonal flu.

Start with a few blueberries, rosemary and a teaspoon of honey in a glass. Mix a few drops of bitterness to remove the taste and color from the blueberry peels. Fill your glass with ice and fill your gin – we recommend Inverroche Classic, as its green floral notes go well with the sweetness of rosemary and blueberries. Use a mixing spoon to combine all the flavors on the bottom of your cup before pouring the tonic. Pour a few whole blueberries to decorate a large sprig of rosemary, then sit down and feel how your body fights all these nasty diseases.

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American pie

Nothing, we mean, nothing eliminates that winter blues like hot apple pie. This legendary combination of apple and cinnamon deserves its own room in Smithsonian, or at least special mention. It is simply insurmountable. With a little sweetened maple syrup, this G&T guarantees that you will be back in seconds. Third parties are possible.

Using apple peel, cut a long piece of apple peel, which will later be used as a garnish. Cut a wedge into small cubes (the smaller the better) և throw it on the bottom of your glass. Sprinkle a little cinnamon on top, add a teaspoon of maple syrup before mixing thoroughly. Fill an oversized party glass for a contemporary floral arrangement. Use a mixing spoon to combine all the ingredients և pour tonic. The cinnamon of this drink is perfectly combined with the aromatic woody finish of Inverroche Amber gin, while the sweet iris apple flavor only develops more with the fresh apple և maple. It: no Get much better than this.

And that’s it. We hope these three will keep you well hydrated during this cold winter season. Frankly, they can work just as well in the summer, maybe with a little more ice.

Good. Drink responsibly և Stay luxurious.

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