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Despite being full of Michelin star restaurants, I think it is safe to say that names like Toad In The Hole or Bubble and Squeak have never really risen to prominence in British cuisine. However, there is an exception to the rule. The simple dish of fried fish and potatoes was so delicious that even the British colonies accepted it as their own. Hey, the whole world mentioned it. Actually, when it comes to national dishes, I do not know if there is anything more British than fish products – chips. Well, except for Chicken Tikka Masala, which… because it’s actually a British national dish. I know, it’s weird.

Needless to say, you can not come to London without at least one attempt at fish chips. Since it can often be so difficult to find a local dish that has not become useless to tourists, we thought we would share this not-so-hidden gem we stumbled upon. Well, the “gem” may be exaggerated, it has its downfalls, but we will now turn to that.

Golden-union-signGolden-Union-MenuGolden-Union --- FISH- (B&W)Golden Union --- ketchup (side by side)Golden-Union --- Reading-the-Menu:Golden Union Beer:Golden Union --- Beer-pour- (side by side)Golden-Union --- Neon-on-the-wallGolden-Union --- Beer-pull-tabs:

Golden Union fish և chips is right on the edge of SoHo անմիջապես just off Oxford Street. It can almost be said that it is hidden from view. Carefully disguised to look like 80s chips (as the British call it), this place shines with all kinds of retro treasures. Do not worry, you will not feel that you are in the 80’s for a long time, the prices will work quickly.

We found it 2 years ago in a previous trip after a simple Google search for “fish chips”. The Gold Union appeared և because it was the closest, we made a B line for the main fish փորձ experience. It must have made a big impression, because when we visited again recently, it was the only place we came back to.

The menu is simple, fried fish (chips (of different varieties և egg sizes) ված served with chips և tartar sauce. You can also buy other traditional “chip” dishes, such as fried sausages, meat pies and even plain chips. We were there for the fish, so we decided to order a big fish և chips to share (during this trip we were still counting calories, so sharing was the only option)

The Fish and Chips is just what it should be. Crumbly golden dough that cracks under your knife և inside հայտն appears soft flaky fish. It was really perfect. The chips were good, they could have been a little crispier, but when we put them in the salt-malt vinegar, it didn’t make much difference. I mean… deep fried potatoes are right. How bad can they be? We were both a little disappointed with the tartar sauce, which was not only small (բաժ 2 a serving), but also missing the cake that so openly promised its name. The “big” portion was probably enough for both of us – we could have fried potatoes with a few chips “Because”.

Golden-Union --- Large-Cod-and-Chips:Golden Union --- NeonGolden Union --- Empty plateGolden Union-chipsGolden-Union --- FIsh-2- (B&W)Fish Fish-and-chips- with-ketchup:Golden-Union --- me-eating-chips- (FL)Golden-Union --- me-eating-chips:

Unlike the food, the service was terrible. It was the hipster waitresses who seemed to be competing with each other in a small game called “ignoring the customer”. they were both very good at it. However, I got a lot of attention when I came out of the “wait to sit” sign at the entrance, I definitely said that PLEASE WAIT HERE. Oddly enough, it all seemed to be part of the experience, so I was not too worried.

Now, if you missed my comments on the above prices, let me repeat that this is not cheap chips. For և 30 for 2 beers և common main (no appetizers or desserts), it’s hardly worth it. Or for some reason it is so. Of all the amazing places we visited during our last trip to London a year ago, this was the only one we returned to, probably the only one we would return to on our next trip. Maybe we’re just sucking on crunchy fish and punishing.

Here’s one last tip… Since our chips on the restaurant have changed a bit, we decided to take a box to go out. better divided – the chips were also more crumbly, but that could just be a success.

So if you’ve been in London with a pound of pounds and fish and chips, you can’t go wrong.

Good. Bon appetit և stay luxurious.

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