WMBW Fit at 40 with The Arrow Club – Powered by Adidas – Part 3:

They say that a little progress every day gives great results. Now, I’m not sure who “they” or “which of them” said that, but it’s apt to tell me at the end of this journey of body transformation. The Arrow Club:.

For those of you who are back from the beginning, you will remember that we talked about eating in the last post, a little bit in the first post about the Arrow Clubs workout approach. If, after all, you happen to be here after you google “How to lose weight while drinking beer”, then I have some good and bad news. The good news is that it is quite possible, the bad news is that you have started at the end, you are waiting for a signal of serious deterioration. You can watch: The first post is here and The second post is here Before looking at the results below, otherwise I’ll love watching Star Wars, I’m still not sure I understand what I’m talking about.

We continued our calorie deficit diet with weekly calorie cuts for the last sprint to the finish line – to be honest, I barely felt the calorie cuts և some days I didn’t even have time to fit them. We continued! Follow the principles of mobilization, activation, workload and arrangement of our 3 weekly classes. Now I know we have discussed teaching in the last few posts, so this time we thought we had collected fast a video to give you a taste of what those workouts look like.

So what were the results after 11 weeks?, Yes, a quick refutation here. Unfortunately, our 12-week trip was eventually cut short by an unexpected trip abroad, so we never managed to do those last few workouts to see the entire 12-week trip. However, the results are presented below. I decided to put the 1st day ը the 8th week side by side so that you can compare the changes from the first day to the changes of the last few weeks. Drawing before and after these shots was much harder than we thought, whether we had floor markings for ourselves or our tripod, daylight played a big part in the final image. I tried to remove as much contrast as possible without interfering with the picture for the sake of authenticity.

Well, the denials are enough. Go and see.

S --- Saturday -8 --- ForwardSergio --- Front:S --- Saturday -8 --- NextSergio --- Next:S --- Saturday -8 --- ReturnSergio --- Return:

Now you understand why I opened it “Every day a little progress can bring great results”. I decided to ask a short question and answer for Elsaan (his results below) և I will answer as a way to summarize our feelings about the Arrow Club experience.

What did you enjoy most about the experience? “Diet” was definitely the most enjoyable for me. The flexibility that comes with achieving a caloric goal makes it incredibly easy to cling to. I have never felt deprived և I could have planned any treatment I needed in advance.

What did you enjoy the least about the experience? I do not know if I was something did not Enjoy the experience, but weighing your food at each meal can be a little tiring. When you’re hungry,: all you want to do is eat, and patience requires a few repetitions. After all, planning ahead is the best way to overcome these և results that are far from (without pun) effort.

What was your biggest surprise / learning experience? Carbohydrates are not the devil !! That’s right- we can eat them all, rice, potatoes, cookies… ALL carbs. Understanding the caloric content of food was a very important moment for me. Not that I did not understand it before, I always got the principle, but knowing that 10 M & M’s peanut butter contains the same number of calories as 100 grams of potatoes helped me make better decisions, or at least plan a little better.

What will you continue to do on your own? There are loads I will take with me from this experience, but there are two things I will continue to do after this journey և I will continue to do it forever. The first, if you have not noticed, is not to devote food, to work to achieve the goal of calories is a lifestyle change, which I will definitely accept as you move forward. The second is to mobilize և activate my muscles before weight training. A few exercises before the workout և stretching gave me such a good idea of ​​what the muscles are doing և I was completely free from injuries.

Do you think your body has been transformed? Absolutely! Gathering these pictures together for this post will really allow me to see the mass change from day 1 to day 91. Only my posture transformed my body. Even without all the pictures, I could feel the difference in my clothes on a weekly basis. I spent a lot of money on tailoring to make my skinny clothes thinner.

You are in the best shape of your life. I set out on this journey hoping to be the best horse of my life, I think I got quite close in 11 weeks. Weight loss of 8 kg և 10 cm waist loss is quite a problem at my age. I think 11 weeks is not enough to achieve the results I was expecting in my head (I think Brad Pitt in Snatch), but it is unrealistic to think that those results will come so easily. I can be much closer in 11 weeks.

Elsaan --- Flat-Lay:E --- Saturday -8 --- ForwardElsa --- Front:E --- Saturday -8 --- Next:Elsa --- SidEmail --- Saturday -8 --- ReturnElsa --- Return

Another quick refusal. Elzana և I did this questionnaire independently, without discussing it in advance. Interesting (but not surprising) many of the answers coincided.

What did you enjoy most about the experience? I liked that I never had to think about what I was going to do in the gym. I’m not an exercise specialist, so exercising every day was often something that kept me from going to the gym. The fact that someone takes all the “work” from the training, guides me during each session (at the same time strictly follows my horse), was undoubtedly sent by God.

What did you enjoy the least about the experience? Hmmm… I’m really having a hard time thinking about the ‘unpleasant’ part of this experience, but if I had Choosing something, I would say, the effort to weigh and plan a meal can be a little tedious. Sometimes you just want to “catch up” quickly without having to cut everything in advance, cut it into cubes, and weigh it. Eventually, I quickly learned that planning failure is planning for failure. So basically ումը planning is your best friend on this journey.

What was your biggest surprise / learning experience? My biggest surprise was that I learned that carbs are NOT really the devil, that you can eat carbs at every meal, and eventually lose weight. This literally contradicts what I believe I have been practicing for the last few years. Another big surprise was the realization that I did not have to shoot my heartbeat through the roof in order to train well and burn fat. I can not believe I ever trusted it. “Sweat is your fat cry” motivational wallpaper! 🙂

What will you continue to do on your own? In the future, I will definitely include carbohydrates in my diet. DEFINITELY. I realized that stability is the way to progress, that following a sustainable diet is a much better solution than every time the bikini season begins with a failed diet.

Do you think your body has been transformed? My body has definitely been transformed. I did not even know how bad my posture was, how different it was from my overall body. My bum also looks better than it’s years later…’s so happy about that.

You are in the best shape of your life. I think “best horse” is a relative term. If it’s just a matter of physical appearance, I would say yes. As mentioned above, I’m very pleased with my posture ութ dumb և I think my body is very ‘shaped’ because in a few weeks I think I would be in better visual condition. However, I do not know if I am in the best shape I have ever been. It seems to me that I used to be stronger,, but I do not have to look so good. Again, I believe that more time can change all this.

If you want to test your body, just leave it to the boys The Arrow Club Mail:. If you live in Cape Town, you can visit their studio in Vredehook or, alternatively, talk to them about themselves. online coaching program if you… well, anywhere in the world.

And here you have it. The transformation of our first body. Many thanks to The Arrow Club for devoting your time and dedication, as well as to Adidas, to making sure we looked as good as we felt. Now that we have some bad training equipment, we need to keep using it well so that we do not end up with a “fat 40” blog post. So, there are suggestions. We are both looking for new fitness challenges և we would like some suggestions. Boxing? Yoga challenge. Crossfit? Let us know.

Good. Be fit: gorgeous.

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