“Women are dying.” Kamala Harris on the effects of forcing people to get pregnant

I am not talking about this one fact anymore. “There is no world without abortions,” said Jessica L. Rubino, doctor, told The Daily: from: The New York Times:. “Even if we give the best contraceptives in the world, it will work, no one will fail. Even if we have Medicare for everyone, there will still be pregnancies where one simply does not want to continue. Աբեր Childbirth: pregnancy until the end is at least 10 to 12 times more dangerous than having an abortion. When you tell me that I have to do it, it’s my job, that when I’m pregnant, it’s required of me, because there ‘s a “person” inside me, you’m condemning me to a process of 10. 12 times more dangerous than I wanted. “You may sentence me to death.” In a conversation with Refinery29, Dr. Rubino mentioned that the statistics of 10 out of 12 are several years old, և the ratio is even higher now.

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