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This week at The Curvy Fashionista, everything is wedding, և we thought it’s appropriate to show off a large wedding publisher for today’s Spotlight. Pretty Pear Bride’s Shafonne is a dream come true for most brides.

Realizing how limited the choice of dresses և the bride’s inspiration was when planning her own wedding, Shafon set out to create a one-sided resource for the bride-to-be.

Image via Shafonne

As a wedding և event planner, Shafon has first-hand insider: wedding business knowledge, կայքը her site is a beautiful collection of tips, tips պլ for plus size brides, from dresses to honeymoon, wedding photography to bachelor parties.

He is a plus size publisher THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW !!!

Meet Shafon from Pretty Pear Bride !!!

Blog: Pretty Pear Bride:
Age: 37:
Height: 5’1 “
Location: Fisher, Indiana (Suburbs of Indianapolis)

Plus size bride - beautiful pear bride
Image via Shafonne

How long have you been blogging?

9 years – 3 as a wedding blog և 6 as a wedding blog

What or who inspired you to become a wedding blogger? What led you to it?

how plus size brideI went into wedding planning with the intention of helping new brides, and I realized that the main people who needed help were large brides. I did not find anything to help me plan my wedding, especially for me. So knowing this emptiness, I set about creating an area that would inspire plus size brides.

You run Pretty Pear Bride full time, for fun, as a hobby. Share your journey.

Yes, I can finally say that I do. I started doing it part-time, teaching high school biology, planning weddings, but then I decided to fly, I haven’t looked back since.

What is your favorite asset? Your legs, arms, waist. How do you play it?

My legs, arms, chest և my back. I tend to wear tons of skirts և dresses. I am truly blessed to be with a husband who loves me all, reminds me of it all.

Chiffon from Pretty Pear Bride
Chiffon from Pretty Pear Bride

We are in Plus Bridal Week. What do you think are the challenges and benefits of being a plus size bride today?

The biggest challenge for plus size brides is to get inspiration from them, I’m here’s really helped create a space where plus size brides can see themselves in the bridal industry.

I feel that another task is to find a bridal gown that actually fits the plus size bride. Bridal designers often think that all plus size bodies are created equal, they are not. And that’s a plus, we as plus size women have something that no other body type has, և it’s an egg’s that can complement wedding dresses in a completely different way.

Thanks to our curved և size, plus size brides can complete their wedding dresses.

Chiffon from Pretty Pear Bride
Photo by Pretty Pear Bride Chafon

What are some of the challenges you face when it comes to being overweight?

As a plus size woman, I’m constantly frustrated by the fact that I can not find clothes that fit my style. I have a very fashionable, luxurious, ready-made style, most of my favorite brands do not have dimensions. It’s so sad to know that there are brands that I love but can not sponsor. This must change.

What is your favorite thing about owning a plus size wedding website?

That I have the opportunity to really make a difference. What I do every day really affects people. I have created something that people look at every day for inspiration – it is a wonderful feeling.

What do you think about where plus-size bridal fashion is today compared to a few years ago?

Plus Size Wedding Fashion? Both have come a long way, of course, but they still have a long way to go. I just feel that designers, both brides and fashionistas, think that plus size women all have the same structure.

Which we all know is not the case at all.

They really need to work on creating a fashion that fits the variety of women’s sizes and styles.

What do you think or hear from readers, is one of the biggest myths of plus size fashion և / or plus size bride?

One of the biggest myths of plus size brides is that we should only have A-line dresses ոչինչ nothing else. I like how designers add more comfortable, shiny, curvy dresses.

Plus size bodies look so good showing off all the gorgeous curves we have.

Are you working on something or have something to share? Want to know something about The Curvy Fashionista?

We’re working on our next issue և for our upcoming issues of the year. When you find out about our bridal salon catalog, look for salons that want to add to it.

And as always, we are always looking for real weddings, engagements անեկան wedding showers to share with our readers. You can visit our performances page For more information!

Check out Shafonne’s website

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