YouTuber Beauty 3-Day Daily for Clear and Vivid Curls

“After getting out of the shower, one can really make sure that you still leave a good amount of water in your hair. You really want to let go of that moisture: I really like to leave after a while. my conditioner too. In that case, you will not have to use such a styling tool, “explains Chloe.

“Squeeze your hair quickly to make sure it is not wet, they can not accept any product. Since it comes to how to use the products, I always say that creams and ointments should go first because they are not used. They do not have any retention properties, they are really just for moisturizing. I use: Bread hair cream, which is similar to a curling cream ึ‡ release mixture. How much product you use will depend on the density and porosity of your hair.

“When your product is really rich, the shortage is always more, you can always add more, but it is much harder to remove. For me personally, I have high-density, highly porous, very thick hair. So it’s like, thirsty, thirsty, thirsty ึ‡ wants all from moisture. I usually get about two dolls of hair for myself, but someone with a finer texture may need less. โ€

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